Study Time

There are 2 semesters, every semester has 18 weeks, 4 classes a week.


After graduation the student can at least reach HSK-4 

After graduation we can write a recommendation letter:

  • We could assist in finding a suitable university for the student. upon graduation of the chosen university several job opportunities will arise.
  • We could write a recommendation letter to Tian Shi university, and if the student would like, can study in the Tian Shi university or after graduation or can choose to work in an abroad institution.


¥16000/per year


  • Provide pick-up and some guide services.
  • Provide accommodation(all kinds of types)
  • Several types are offered, also have private classes.
  • There are 3 campuses Dali, Lijiang, and Kunming that you can choose from.
  • Discounts are available for those who sign up in groups.