Visa Arranged

Huayang Academy have be rewarded official qualifications as a Student Visa Provider by The Ministry of Education.

  • Please directly contact our office to ask for student visa information or use the following website to obtain the necessary form which should be filled in and sent back to the office by fax or E-mail. 
  • Huayang Academy will go through the formalities of the JW202 and post back the authorized JW202 form and the letter of acceptance to you.
  • Please go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate which is nearest to you with the letter of acceptance, JW202 form and medical examination report to apply for a student visa (X visa) and then come to our school to register upon arrival.
  • If you can’t apply for a student visa for any reason, you can apply for a Tourist visa (L visa) or Visiting visa (F visa) to come to our school and we will help you to change it into a Student visa (X visa) after you register here. You will be expected to pay all relevant fees.
  • If your study period is less than 3 months you can come to study on a Tourist visa (L visa) or Visiting visa (F visa).

The materials that you should offer for a student visa  :

1. A photocopy of the first page of your passport

2. A photocopy of the last entry stamp

3. A photocopy of your visa

4.  Residence Permit (which is provided by the local police station)

5.  Two copiess of 2x2 size photographs and a receipt with your digital photo and individual code(which is provided by the photo studio appointed by Public Security Bureau)

6. Physical examination report and the copy of the original proof (according to the requirements of the Public Security Bureau)