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News in Brief of the Second “Huayang Cup” Chinese Essay Competition Activity

Last June, 21st 2016, Huayang Academy hold the Second “Huayang Cup” Chinese Essay Competition activity.

We made Chinese traditional games, such as breaking the egg, magic tricks, knitting a Hebao, performing different songs, reading Chinese tongue twisters. We all enjoyed being together sharing these activities with our students!

During the enjoyable and wonderful activity, each Mandarin teacher gave a certificate of merit to those students who won the prize according to a former evaluation.

Here are our winners:

First prize winner:

Second prize winners:


Third prize winners:


Congratulations to all of the students who won the prizes; meanwhile, we are sure they will improve day by day their language in the future!
At the end, Martine won our raffle ticket worth 500 Huayang points.