Huayang Academy Lijiang Campus is a professional education and training institution for both the Chinese and English language and culture. Everyone at Huayang Academy Lijiang are dedicated to helping people learn Chinese in Lijiang. We are located in the most beautiful place in China Lijiang, which has been called the ‘Venice of the Orient’. Located in southwest China’s Yunnan province, it is close to the borders of Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, and just a few hours from the Tibetan town of Shangri-la.

Huayang Academy is the only Chinese language school in Lijiang offering a complete range of classes and services. Our academy employs professional teachers who use the latest teaching methodology supported by a conductive learning environment.



Kunming is known throughout China as “The city of Eternal Spring”. Kunming has a very mild climate owing to its altitude and location in Southwest China’s Yunnan province. Kunming sits at an altitude of around 2000m so take some time to adjust when you first arrive. Winter in Kunming rarely freezes and summer rarely reaches higher than 30 degrees centigrade.


Huayang Lijiang has onsite student dorms that students can stay at while studying in the school

A clean and safe room

A private bathroom with round-the-clock hot water

A high speed internet connection

A desk with chairs

A bed with sheets

A wardrobe

A clean water dispenser

Internet access use without limit

Cost of Living

Kunming is a very good value location to study Chinese in China. Students on a budget can spend less than $300US per month if need be.


Our Group classes cost 4,000rmb per semester and only 80rmb per 1 on 1 class on top of that meaning you can learn Chinese for very cheap in Kunming.


If you cook at home or in Chinese restaurants you can expect to spend between $3-$5 per day. Add Western food, coffees and beverages on top of that and you can spend more. If you are in China to learn Chinese you’d better stick to local ways and get immersed in the culture.


Kunming has ample supply of good value apartments for rent. For example a brand new apartment beside our Kunming campus with modern furnishings, 115sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large balcony costs around $400 per month. Sharing with other students on average costs 800-1000rmb per month ( $130 )

Things to do

Being the capital of Yunnan province, Kunming is full of fantastic things to do while you study mandarin Chinese in the city.


Many students learning Chinese with us in Kunming enjoy the outdoors. There are many rock climbing areas, hiking paths, mountain bike trails etc. to choose from within 30 minutes of our school.


With a vibrant expat community Kunming has plenty of opportunities for a weary Chinese language student looking for solace. Check out Barfly just 5 minutes from our campus. Barfly is an expat owned bar where you can find yogis, book clubs, dungeons and dragons groups and of course good beer. Just ask the friendly bar staff or one of the locals and they will be happy to help. Apart from expat orientated R&R Huayang Academy staff and students often visit local tea houses, coffee shops and restaurants together.


Kunming has ancient origins and is a melting pot of culture known as the capital of SouthEast Asia.

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