Our private course is aimed squarely at students wishing to learn Chinese quickly and in a completely private 1 on 1 environment. Whether you want to pass HSK1 or learn a specific language element we have you covered. Huayang Academy will take you through effective strategies you can use to pass and also give you usable knowledge of the Chinese language. Our teachers will provide you with excellent resources to best prepare for your HSK exam, career or area of interest. Please note minimum course length is one month.

Our private classes are usually either HSK courses, 1 on 1 course or 2 on 1 courses.

HSK Course

HSK courses are designed for students that want to pass the HSK exam quickly. Our instructors are experts in helping our students pass the HSK exams. The HSK can help you gain entry to Chinese universities, get a job in China or even just to track your progress in the language.

1 on 1 Course

1 on 1 courses are completely personalised Chinese language courses that allow you to have direct feedback and teaching from our teachers. You can choose what you want to learn whether it is two months of intense speaking practice or a dedicated course to cover specialist vocabulary.

2 on 1 Course

This course is often used by family members, co-workers, partners or friends to learn Chinese together. As with 1 on 1 courses these can be customised to exactly what you need from us.

Private Course


HSK Course

6,000/60 classes

18,000/ 180 classes

One on One Classes

4,800/60 classes

12,800/160 classes

Two on One Classes

3,600/60 classes

9,600/160 classes

*This runs can concurrently with our group class Semester


Private classes are completely customised to your goals. We can help you pass the HSK or develop a learning strategy for whatever you want whether it is medical vocabulary or Chinese history.

Services / Visa

Depending on your length of study we can offer you an X1 or X2 student visa in accordance with regulations.

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