Our HSK specific course is aimed squarely at students wishing to pass their HSK. Whether you want to pass HSK1 or HSK6 we have you covered. Huayang Academy will take you through effective strategies you can use to pass and also give you usable knowledge of the Chinese language. Our teachers will provide you with excellent resources to best prepare for the HSK exam. Please note minimum course length is one month.

HSK Course


20 Hour Course


20,000/ Semester*

*This runs concurrently with our group class Semester


Passing the HSK exam is made easy with our HSK course. You will be trained by a teacher with excellent experience in helping students pass the HSK exam. We use official HSK materials and mock exams to make sure you enter the exam confident you will pass.

Services / Visa

Depending on your length of study we can offer you an X1 or X2 student visa in accordance with regulations.

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