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Visa and Application

The application process for Huayang Academy is very straightforward, first you navigate to the Apply page and fill in our registration form. After filling the form and submitting it you will be given a list of documents to help us register and apply for your student visa. once you have sent these documents and tuition deposit the application process is complete and we will send you your Visa documents.
Huayang Academy have been rewarded official qualifications as a Student Visa Provider by The Ministry of Education. We provide a student Visa to all long term students. Student Visas in China come in two types, X1 and X2. X1 covers long term students. x2 covers shorter term students up to 6 months.
  1. Registration Kunming: 300RMB/ person
  2. Registration Dali/Lijiang: 500RMB/ person
  3. Delivery Fee: 300-800RMB/ Per delivery
  4. Residence Permit ( In China ): 400RMB/ person
  5. Insurance Fee (if needed ): 61-400RMB/ person

Coming to China

We will send one of our staff to pick you up, but in some cases we may send a professional service provider to pick you up from airport. Either way is convenient and you will feel safe and relaxed. The service fee is 300RMB
We can arrange our teachers to help students to open a Chinese bank account and get a Chinese sim card.
Huayang offers housing service at all three campuses, if this doesn't fit your needs we can help you find private rental accommodation through an agent.

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