About Courses

  • Q: What classes are offered?

A: Small Classes, One on One, HSK Training, Travel & Study, and Camp.

  • Q: What are the daily and weekly schedules like?

A: Our courses start from Monday to Friday with a maximum of 45 minutes a lesson. Morning lessons often span from 10:50 to 12:30 and afternoon lessons from 2:00pm to 3:40pm. There are ten minute breaks between two lessons, and the school takes an hour and a half lunch break between morning and afternoon classes.

  • Q: How about the Mandarin materials or books?

A: The course material used is "Boya Chinese" which includes: Experiencing Chinese –Traveling, Experiencing Chinese –Living, Experiencing Chinese –Culture, Experiencing Chinese –Business, Reading Newspaper, Learning Chinese, HSK strategies course material. 

  • Q: Must I Learn Chinese Characters?

A: Not necessarily. Pinyin (Chinese phonetic notations) is used for communication, and Chinese Characters for reading and writing. However, Chinese Characters are always studied above intermediate level.

  • Q: How about the test?

A: After each 145 hours, there is an examination. After the examination, the teacher will make a study report for you to analyze your advantages and disadvantages and how to improve.

  • Q:How many students are there in one class?

A: 5 to 12 students maximum.