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  • Day Camp for anyone from 6 to 18 years old.
  • Helps improve Chinese skills.
  • Experience Chinese life and culture.
  • Spend a meaningful and amazing vacation.
  • Safe environment.
  • Experienced course consultant and supervisors.

The project is designed for international students who are interested in Chinese culture and language and overseas Chinese who are willing to seek their Chinese roots.We combine Chinese language study with a range of cultural classes and activities.

Students will be involved in both language and cultural classes such as Kung Fu, calligraphy, paper cutting, folk music, folk dance and many more at any one of our camps. Afterwards, there will be a fabulous Chinese culture and history tour waiting for you!



Tour and study in Kunming, Dali or Lijiang 


  • 游学概述


Benefits for study tour :
Pure Chinese environment to improve your Mandarin level more quickly.
Experience traditional Chinese learning methods to better understand Chinese culture.
Enhance your independent skills to improve teamwork.
Broaden your horizons by travelling in China and understanding life in a different way.
Make getting a student visa by completing the course and transfering from a tourist to a student visa more smoothly.

  • 华洋游学


The tour study project is undertaken by Huayang Academy, which is aimed at strengthening connections of friendship  between Chinese and people from all nations in the world. Improve your communication by studying Chinese in a culturally authentic environment.  

Our Chinese course and travel program is exciting and illuminating. The Huayang Academy “Experience Yunnan"  program is not only a Chinese training program but also will help you to experience authentic Chinese culture and the different customs in Yunnan.

  • 华洋游学特色

Huayang Academy's "Experience Yunnan" Tour study program combines  tourist travel with Chinese language and culture classes. The program includes language, culture and Chinese recreational activities set in beautiful landscapes.  In this way students can immerse themselves in Chinese culture in their daily lives.  Our tour study program has these 7 following characteristics:

1.The students will study Chinese in the environment of China, communicating and experiencing real life in China; Mastering pure, fresh and practical Chinese. It will help you to study much more efficiently, within real life situations and the professional guidance of our Chinese teachers, who are all highly qualified.


2.You will stay at a Huayang Academy's teachers' home or a Huayang Academy apartment to experience the different culture between oriental and western society and to acquire a deeper understanding of the Chinese lifestyle.

3.You will meet classmates from all over the world, establish international friendships as well as making Chinese ones.

4.You will participate in our colorful culture exchange activities, to improve your independent skills in a foreign environment, exercising your personal will. 

5.You will experience the colorful Chinese culture and feel its long history, extending your horizon.

6.You will travel to Kunming, Dali and Lijiang to enjoy their attractions and heritages, through a beautiful scenery, enriching your knowledge and experience.

7.Students will be helped to plan their studies in advance to prepare them for an immersion in China.

  • 游学适宜人群

This tour and study program is aimed at:

1. Students who have a great interest in Chinese language and culture. 

2. Students who want to enroll in a Chinese university. 

3. Those who like travelling in China.

  • 华洋软件优势

Huayang Academy offers a 6 month to one year student visa for overseas students, businessmen or travellers who want to study and live in China.

After a 6 month or 12 month intensive Chinese curriculum at Huayang Academy, we guarantee our students will pass the HSK official exams, and will also have chance to apply for Chinese prestigious universities.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers and coordinators will work together with all participants to develop an enjoyable program for improving language, culture and social skills.

Mandarin lessons in the morning and excursions or handcrafts in the afternoon will help you to experience traditional and modern China and learn Mandarin through a full immersion environment. 




  • 华洋硬件优势


  • 华洋游学品质保证

The global Chinese market study tour project is in a rapid development stage, many study tours only focuses on tours, so to choose a good program and service for holidays is a problem for those who are most concerned about Chinese language and culture. Huayang relies on a strong international network and platform in three different campuses with unique qualifications and characteristics.  

The majority of overseas cooperation agencies prefer an in-depth study tour program with a good destination and campus carefully selected with local, cosmopolitan and international environments, to ensure that "science + tour " quality for the same price. We solemnly pledge to the China international industry expertises teachers and service teams to ensure absolute control in our study tours in China, making them safe and efficient. We believe that through the China International Study Tour Project Activities, students will recieve an unforgettable life experience! 



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