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Learn to Speak Chinese in China

Huayang Academy for Language and Culture offers a great opportunity to learn Chinese language and know about Chinese culture. Our course structure ensures complete involvement of the students in learning Mandarin. You can learn to speak Chinese from our highly trained Chinese language teachers. Right from your registration to the final day at the academy, we try to offer favorable learning atmosphere. You can choose from 6 types of programs. Our course duration varies according to the program you choose.

Courses We Offer

At Huayang Academy for Language and Culture, dedicated teachers put their best efforts to equip students with a good base of knowledge of Chinese language and culture. Our teachers endeavor to make you fluent in speaking Chinese and adept at writing Chinese logograms. They focus on developing excellent Chinese speaking, reading and writing skills to the students.

1. One-on-one

Our one-on-one course is crafted to meet the learning capacity of individual students. Depending on the capability and the convenience of a student, we schedule our classes.

2. Small Group Class

With reference to its name, our small class program conducts classes each comprising of maximum 12 students. This course helps students to develop communication skill faster.

3. Tailored Program

Do you want to learn to speak Chinese in a group with your family members or your colleagues? Huayang Academy for Language and Culture offers you the Tailored Program.

4. Travel & Study

Learning Chinese language is not complete without a tour of the country. We offer you holistic insight into China’s history, life style, cuisine, sports, etc.

5. HSK Training

The HanyuShuipingKaoshi commonly called HSK training is the standard parameter to measure proficiency in Chinese. We work in association with some of the most reputed Universities in China. After you qualify HSK exam, our placement cell can help you apply in Chinese Universities.

6. Camp

Students from 6 to 18 years of age are welcome to learn Chinese and participate in the camping expeditions we offer.

Contact us to know more about our courses and programs. Whether you want to learn Chinese out of passion or for profession, we can help you. Huayang Academy for Language and Culture helps you learn to speak Chinese with confidence and perfection n a short span of time.