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Philosophies and Characteristics of International Chinese Teaching of Huayang Academy   

At Huayang Academy, we boast a team of dynamic and experienced teachers. Our teachers develop special teaching contents and provide effective guidance with attention to individual students. They closely monitor the progress of the students and encourage them to seek solutions to their problems. We offer our students a congenial learning environment to study in China, where they can feel free from any hesitation to communicate in Chinese language. Our teachers motivate the students to practice speaking the language in daily communication which builds their confidence and helps them attain mastery in the language.

We have designed different study programs keeping in mind the individual requirements of the students. Some of our courses include: Practical Oral Chinese Course, Comprehensive Chinese Course and HSK Tutorship Course. Our teachers use advanced teaching tools and multi-media teaching facilities to ensure quality and effective teaching-learning process.

Study in ChinaHuayang Academy provides the best learning environment for students to study in China. By implementing advanced teaching methodology and conducting several extra-curricular activities, we make sure that our students achieve in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture and customs while learning Mandarin.

We try to focus on the convenience of our students. Huayang Academy offers a unique and interesting way to study in China. Our course of Study Tours allows students to select any one of the three branches of our school in Kunming, Dali and Lijiang. This helps students to not only master the Chinese language, but also get closer to the local culture and customs as they can explore the places and communicate with the people in the local language.

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Academic calendar of 2016  1st Term (Kunming Campus )

Academic calendar of 2016  1st Term (Dali Campus )

Academic calendar of 2016  1st Term (Lijiang Campus )