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China's Spieciest Dishes

Generally, if anyone of us does not want to eat anything spicy, prefers eating Chinese food. Because there are very less spices used in it, yet it tastes amazing. China is a place of attraction for so many reasons. There are so many amazing places to explore for the tourists and the thing which adds cherry on the top is the delicious food. Chinese cuisine is one of the important aspect of the Chinese culture. Their dishes not only look best, but they are great in aroma, taste and appearance. The dishes attract the tourist and this is one of the reasons why we find a lot of tourists in China every year.

If you want to learn the culture of China then do not forget the food because it is a part of their culture too. So, here are some of the spiciest dishes of China, which are found in the different areas of it. No, wait? Are you shocked? Well, these dishes are found in different areas of the country so it is better to have some prior knowledge about them.

Gong Bao Chicken

Gong Bao Chicken is one of the spiciest dishes. There are only three ingredients used in it. The main ingredient in this dish is the chilies. The uniqueness of this dish is that dried chilies are added to it which are the spiciest chilies. As the name suggests it has some chicken, which is diced. Then, fried peanuts are added. If you are a person who loves to eat spicy food, then this dish can be your friend.

Ma Po Tofu

Ma Po Tofu is another dish which has a rain of spices in it. If anyone is familiar with the Chuan Cuisine then Ma Po Tofu is not foreign to him. This dish is easy to make. It has 3 or 4 ingredients which are bean chili sauce, tofu, ground pork/beef, peppercorn and chopped green onion are optional. All these spices are mixed together with the pork give a taste which is the best.

Sichuan Chili

If you are looking for the dish which looks less spicy, but in fact it will blow your mind away, then yes there are such dishes as well. Sichuan Chili Chicken is one that kind. It has diced chicken of course and a number of spices. These include peppercorns like brown, green and white. Some red crushed chilies, and some of the oriental spices. The dish does not look as spicy as it is but whoa, you will be amazed.

Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

No doubt that you will find a lot of dishes with chicken. Chicken is the basic element, but you can alter it in restaurants or at home if you want to. Diced Chicken with Black Bean Sauce is what you need to eat for sure. The chicken is cooked in rich black bean sauce, which is made from ripened chilies. The dish is flavored with the juice of lemon.

Chengdu Hotpot

HotPot is one of the deadliest spicy dishes if I ever have to suggest. Dried red chilies and a lot of spices enhance the flavor along with several other amazing herbs. You dip your chicken in it and Good God you will forget the world. Happy Eating!!!