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How to celebrate Chinese New Year

China is one of the countries which is very lively when it comes to celebrate anything. We all know that China has a unique history as the country celebrates New Year according to their own culture and traditions.

Celebrate Chinese New Year

It is really important to know about the history before we jump into how to celebrate Chinese New Year if we are going to Visit the country. So, there are myths about how it all started. According to the tales, there was a mythical best known as “Year”. There was a fight against that beast who looked like an ox but had a lion’s head and used to live in the sea. It was believed that on the New Year’s Eve that beast “Year” will come to cause damage to property, animals and as well as people. Little did the people know that “Year” had some fears. That beast was afraid of red color, fire, and loud sounds. Later people started handing red color items on their doors and the launch of fireworks started. This was a bit of history which everyone should know in case they are wondering why Chinese people use a lot of red color in different items for the New Year.

There are many traditions of celebrating New Year in the country, according to the culture. Some are very common in the whole country. These are:

Chinese New Year Cleaning

Cleaning the home is considered one of the best thing before the New Year. Why? Here is the reason. This is a tradition in all the families because cleaning will take away all the bad luck out of the house and will prepare the house for the good luck. But one thing you have to remember is that do not clean your home after the start of the New Year.

The other common tradition among the people is to decorate the house with the red color. Red Color symbolized Good Luck in the culture. And it also can be used to keep away the beast from home. You can add a red painting or paint your door red.

CNY Foods

Moreover, food is another important aspect of celebrating the New Year. Without the dinner, the celebration is not complete.  This is usually a family dinner in which all the family members are expected to come. This dinner is specially arranged for those who are away from their families and making the participation mandatory helps them celebrating the New Year with their families. The serving in the dinner include Fish, dumplings. Or on the personal choices of family members.

CNY Hongbao

The most exciting thing in the New Year is that Red Packets are distributed between the family members. The red packet is a red envelope which contains money in it. The adults, but especially married couples give these envelopes to the young ones. Behind every tradition, there is a reason. And behind this tradition, it is believed that it will keep the kids healthy.

CNY Fireworks

Fireworks are not to be forgotten while mentioning New Year’s celebration. Having said that, fireworks are launched to keep the evil away and celebrate the New Year.