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Top Attractions in China

China is not only the most economically developed countries on the face of the Earth, but also has an abundance of beauty to offer the tourists and people from around the world. The clichéd concept of The Great Wall has to come to halt now with so many other sites and attractions to visit. From ancient temples and cities to thick and lush forests, sore eyes can never get enough of the splendid sights in China. Narrowing down to top attractions in China was not a just and simple process; however, following places do take a hit in the eyes of tourists.

The Terracotta Army in Xi'an

Terracotta Army

This archeologically famous site holds quite an ancient heritage and significant picture of the Chinese history. This place is all about the 2000 years old Terracotta Army. Erected are hundreds of life size models of the triumphant Army in this site. This is definitely the top attraction to explore for its heritage value.

Hani Terraces

Hani Terraces

A drone picture of this place is no less than a beautiful canvas of some artist, with splashes and blots of colors scribbled aesthetically all over the land. A barren hillside has been converted into the most scenically beautiful and pleasing green rice terrain. It’s a lush subtropical paradise in China and serves one of the most eye pleasing views. When the terraces are flooded in the months of December till March, the view is surely spectacular to many tourists.

West Lake in Hangzhou

West Lake in Hanzhou

That comes to your mind first when you say or think, Paradise on Earth? Beautiful landscape, green valley, erect mountains, tall trees and serenity are some of the most impromptu replies my mind gives. West Lake in Hangzhou is literally the paradise on Earth, we have all been searching for. While the lake provides tranquility, the landscape gives pleasure to heart and eyes. The Chinese styled bridge, arched huts and gazebos compliment the view artistically, rendering this whole phenomenon so angelic, pure and heaven like. Tourists often bike around the lake and in the premise of this area to explore nature in calm and soothing manner, while taking a walk is also a loved activity in here.

Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor

Most of you might be acquainted with the name of Victoria harbor, but for those who are all Greek to it, then brace yourself, for this too is one of the top attractions in China to visit. It’s the deepest country port with far stretched bays and skyscrapers to amuse the corporate minds of tourists. The skyscrapers light up every night to present the most beautiful eye soothing view in the most fashionable manner. When the night falls, the lit up buildings and stars seem to resonate and dance in some synchronized motion, which is hard to be explained in mere words. A place called the Victoria peak is the highest point which gives the bird's eye, yet most splendid view of Hong Kong from there. 

Do give these places a go for your excursion and recreation; you would end up agreeing with us.