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The Mid-autumn Day Festival

On September 5th, 2014 Huayang Academy celebrated the Mid-autumn Day festival named “DIY moon-cake” to celebrate the Mid-autumn Day. This event was held at Kunming Campus. 

Huayang wanted to let foreign students know more about Chinese traditional festivals in order to make a meaningful Mid-autumn Day festival.

Professional bakers were invited to teach both Chinese and foreign students to make moon-cake by themselves.

There were about 40 Chinese families participated in the activity. Chinese children, parents, and foreign students enjoyed the fun of making moon-cake. Everyone participated to help each other to make moon-cakes. The diversity of students, parents, and children helped create an exciting atmosphere.

The baker assisted everyone and pointed out whose moon-cakes were better than others.

The winners were given different prizes by the principal Zhang Ru. People learned how to make Chinese moon-cake and now have a better understanding about Chinese Mid-autumn Day. 

If you are interested in learning Chinese traditional Culture and Chinese please come and join us. Huayang warmly welcomes you.