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The Celebration of 4th Anniversary

On August 16th, 2014, Huayang celebrated the 4th anniversary at Kunming Campus.

Huayang’s founder and principal Zhang Ru gave a short speech when the anniversary was open, she expressed her warmly welcome to all the guests.

On the anniversary, Huayang Academy prepared nice presents for each family.What’s more, people could participate in lottery activity if they pay attention to Huayang’s Wechat.

There were over 70 Chinese Family participated the anniversary. Parents came with their children.

The students showed a lot of programs on the anniversary,including singing, dancing and short drama. The children enjoyed themselves very much and the parents applauded for the children.

There are six different prizes. The children who won the first prize can study English at Huayang for one year by free.
People were so excited when the draw results were announced.