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Language practice activity on Nov 13, 2013

On November 13th, 2013, the school held a language practice activity and organized foreign students from more than 20 different countries visiting some scenic spot such as the Shigu Pavilion, Shigu Chain Bridge, the Red Memorial Museum at the Yangtze River First Bay; visiting and playing games with children of Hope Primary School.

With the autumn wind sligtly blowing and after an hour and half drive, 50 kilometers from Lijiang city, we came to the historical town of shigu. Arriving, we started our language practice active participation of our students. The event was a great success.

On the playground, the children played games with the many different faces of our international students. Our foreign students also prepared many gifts for these lovely children.

Foreign students taught the local school children to say a few words in their various country's languages, such as: "hello,” “I love you," and so on. 

From time to time we could even hear the students’ and the children's laughter from outside the classroom. It seemed the tiring journey did not take away from the students’ enthusiasm teaching the children.