2012 Huayang Academy’s Events

  • 3月向丽江市古城区教育局提交了《关于申请聘请外国专家资格的请示》

In March, Huayang submitted, “The Application to Hire Foreign Experts,” to the Education Bureau of Lijiang Old Town District.

  • 8月云南省外国专家局会同云南省外事办、丽江市(区)教育局、人社局、安全局、外事办、公安局、民宗局等多家部门负责人到校进行外专聘请工作的考察。

In August, the principals of the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts, the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Province, the Bureau of Education, the People’s Club Bureau, the Security Bureau, the Foreign Affairs Office, the Bureau of Public Security and the People in the Bureau of Lijiang City (area) came to visit Huayang Academy for its application to hire foreign experts.

  • 11月28日收到了省外国专家局颁发的聘请外国专家单位资格认可证书。

On November 28th, Huayang received the qualification certificate to hire foreign experts issued by the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts.