About HSK

  • Q: What is the HSK?

   A: The HSK (HanyuShuipingKaoshi) is China’s standard exam to measure Chinese fluency. Fluency measurements are divided into six subsequent levels (6 being completely fluent in Chinese). The HSK is often the standard certification required by businesses and institutions to determine one’s proficiency in Chinese.

  • Q: How much does it charge to take the HSK?

   A: Due to different exchange rates in various countries or regions, the registration fee for HSK differs. For details, please contact the testing center.

  • Q: Is an online HSK test available?

   A: HSK is held in two forms: computer network-based test and paper-based test. You need to register for a network-based test at a testing center that provides computer network-based test services. The computer network-based test shall be completed under the supervision of invigilators, the same as the paper-based test.

  • Q: After the completion of registration, can I change the test date?

   A: Before the registration deadline, you can change the test date without paying any fees, but if you want to change it during the period after the deadline and 10 days before the test, an extra fee will be charged at 30% of the test fee.

  • Q: After the completion of registration, can I change the test level?

  A: If the test fee has not been paid, you can cancel your registration before its deadline and re-apply for a new level. If the payment has been completed, you cannot change the test level.

  • Q: How can I change my personal information that is found to be incorrect after I’ve received the reported test scores?

    A: If you, after receiving the report of your test score, find such information as your name, nationality and gender as incorrect, you can log into the HSK test service website, www.chinesetest.cn, opt to apply for additional HSK test score reports on the “Personal Center" page, edit the item(s) that needs to be modified, and upload a copy of your relevant identification (passport or identity card). After the modification has passed the review by the CTI, you need to pay a certain fee before the CTI sends a remade test score report to your designated address.

  • Q: How can I get my Admission Ticket?

  A: You may either log in the HSK test service website, www.chinesetest.cn, by inputting the user name and password, and then print your Admission Ticket on the "Personal Center" page, or receive the card at the testing center. Printing of the Admission Ticket is available 7-10 days before the test in general. If you fail to print it, please contact your testing center of registration.