About Us

Who we are

Huayang Academy is the only Chinese language school in Yunnan which offers professional, practical, interesting and flexible Chinese teaching .

Huayang has branches located in Lijiang, Dali and Kunming.

The Lijiang Campus situated in an old town with more than 800 years of history,surrounded with snow mountains, water villages, temples and is home to the unique Dongba minority culture.

The Dali Campus is situated in an old town with more than 1000 years of history. In the area are ancient Pogadas, temples, and other buildings. The town is situated near Cangshan mountain and Erhai lake.

The Kunming Campus is situated near Green lake in the university district (Yunnan University,Yunnan Normal University, etc.), and this location offers a lot of opportunities.

Huayang has trained over thousands of foreign students from all over the world and helped many students pass HSK 4, 5, and 6.

We offer group classes, field trips, class in Chinese Handwriting, Painting, Etiquette, Culture, Business, News and other customized classes.

In order to meet the needs of all students who want to study in China, we develop individual curricula to suit each student's proficiency level and goals. Our versatile methods and variety of activities will maximize your time spent learning Chinese with us. After learning Chinese in China at Huayang, you will be well on your way to fluency. Huayang's Chinese culture lessons provide a bridge that links you to the rich and profound Chinese culture with enjoyment and excitement.

Our teachers, who speak standard Mandarin and fluent English, get professional training and use unique teaching methods developed by the school. The teachers’ teaching combines education with recreation, so the students enjoy every lesson.

When you study Chinese in China and join Huayang Academy, you can rest assured knowing that you will not have to deal with the hassles and uncertainties of traveling and studying on your own.
Learn Chinese the easiest way, in the most beautiful place in China.

Learn Chinese in China and start a happy Chinese learning journey.
Huayang Academy welcomes you.

How we teach

A Chinese proverb says that: Give a man a fish and you feed him a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime. This is the motto for Huayang Academy's teachers. Our goal is to make sure you learn as much as possible during your time with us, and to do this we will personally guide, support and motivate you to do your best, at every step of the way.

For students at Huayang Academy, Chinese is often a third or fourth language, but we follow the first language acquisition approach and method. Our teaching works to develop all four Chinese language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing- keeping the first language acquisition order: first listening, then speaking and reading, then at last but not least writing. Only when you are confident in all four of these areas will you achieve fluency.

To give an engaging and relevant framework to learn these skills, each lesson will focus on a specific topic, which will vary from current affairs to everyday issues. Besides the text book, your professional and friendly teachers will select topics that create interest, discussion and debate in the class.

This means as you engage with the language, you will also learn a lot about your classmates and different cultures around the world, all within an Chinese context!

As well as taking an active part in classroom discussions, you will work on your language skills in small groups, pairs or individually on tasks and projects. And as you learn correct Chinese pronunciation, increase your vocabulary, work on your grammar and improve your sentence construction, you will find you become able to express yourself in an accurate and appropriate way

Creative classes

Our teachers are qualified and experienced. Each teacher has an average of 3000 hours of Chinese teaching experience. The teachers’ methods are in accordance with your aptitude. They create dynamic and motivating classes, designed to activate and build upon your strengths, and also to focus attention on your weaker areas.

Learn by doing

We believe you learn best when you are engaged in discussion and taking a full and active part in lessons. In other words, you will always be directly involved. You will learn Chinese discussing issues about environment, diversity, equality, industrialization and globalization. You will get a total Chinese immersion experience .

The best support

Our teachers are trained to deliver constant support and feedback within a relaxing and informal environment. Our teachers design every class to be relaxing and fun, that’s because we believe you will learn more in a friendly atmosphere. Their care and encouragement will build your confidence as you progress, feeling confident using Chinese as much as you can.

Authentic materials

In addition to text books, our teachers will refer to other resources such as newspapers, videos, internet and audio recordings. This will give you an understanding of how Chinese is used.

Comparative Culture & Communication

Develop your awareness and understanding of different cultures, and how communication varies between them. Many ethnic minorities live in Yunnan province. There is no doubt that where our schools are located you can meet and study a variety of cultural characteristics.

We strongly believe you learn better when you feel relaxed and happy, so our teachers work hard to make that happen. Classrooms are comfortable and welcoming, moreover, students can decorate them as they like.

A nurturing and secure environment will help you to build your confidence.